Paper has become my main medium in a very natural way, gradually taking over my desk and the art studio during the years.

My favorite thing about this material is that it appears plain and humble and yet can be used to create wonders with so many different techniques: it never ceases to amaze me.

For my illustrations I like to use a graphic approach, with defined lines and clean shades, but at the same time I strive to enhance the material itself with its unique textures.

I love to mix plain paper with printed designs adding paint, block-printed patterns and hand drawn sections to create high quality illustrations that convey a sense of magical wonder and emotional introspection.

Here’s a selection of my paper artwork.

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Max the Space Pirate, personal project, 2018
Ettore the Unicorn, personal project, 2017
Gastone the Cat, Niente Da Dire magazine Christmas issue, 2019
Thai Dancer, personal project, 2021
Amelia and Penelope, personal project, 2017
Arturo, personal project, 2017
Neela the Blue Monkey, personal project, 2017
Reading Dragon, personal project, 2019
Horus, personal project, 2017
“Be Careful What You Wish For”, Coraline Jones personal project 2019
Madame Renard, personal project, 2017
Japanese Dragon, made for the Treviso Comic Book Festival, 2021
Milo the Axolotl Burglar, personal project, 2020
Hermione Granger, personal project, 2016
Crookshanks, personal project, 2018
Liz Bennet, personal project, 2019
Matilde the Ursa Major, personal project, 2017
Gwendolyn the Bumblebee Fairy, personal project, 2020
Young Thranduil, personal project, 2019
Late Night Supper and a Tale, Bilbo Baggins, personal project, 2021
Book Cover for “L' Anfiteatro”, by Stefano Foroni, 2021
Book Cover, La Casa di Adelino by Susanna La Lampa, 2020